How to Keep Your Eczema In Control?


Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis is a skin disease in which the skin becomes red, inflamed and itchy. In some types of eczema there is also formation of blisters on the skin.


Eczema mostly runs in families from one generation to another but there are also some triggering factors seen that may cause eczema like; irritants such as soaps and detergents, wool, nuts, emotional stress, weather changes and Allergens like dust mites, pollen.

Signs And Symptoms

Eczema first appears in the first year of birth, then around the teenage and then during adolescence.
Mostly it starts from the face then progresses to arms and then to feet. In some children it is also seen over elbows, knees and neck. In adults hands and feet are more affected.
The symptoms are as follow:-

  1. Dry, red and inflamed skin.
  2. Itching is the red line symptom, it is very difficult especially in case of children as they scratch until they bleed which causes other infections.
  3. Oozing blisters which tend to burst due to scratching or friction.
  4. Crusts and scabs form where blisters are present.

How To Keep Eczema In Check

Eczema can be controlled by some personal care.

Lukewarm water baths
Use lukewarm water instead of hot water as hot water tends to dry out skin more.

After bathing apply a generous amount of body oil or moisturizer as your pores are open after a lukewarm water bath and applying moisturizer locks in the moisture.

Pat dry your skin
Don’t rub your skin after bathing, always use a cotton towel and pat dry it.

Avoid triggers that worsen your condition
Avoid triggers that worsen your eczema like avoid particular foods that aggravate your condition like dairy and nuts.
Avoid allergens like dust and mites keep your surroundings clean.
Use a humidifier to control dryness of your skin.


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