There are some steps that can be followed to keep Psoriasis in control. Some are as follow:- Stress:- emotional stress is seen to flare up existing psoriatic conditions. To avoid it you can practice meditation, or have therapy sessions with your doctor frequently. Diet:- an uncontrolled diet can flare up psoriasis. To prevent it one can opt for green vegetables, fruits that help in boosting the immune system. Hydration:- keeping yourself hydrated is the key as it will prevent dryness of your skin and keep your body detoxified by flushing out toxins. Exercise:- Psoriasis is seen to worsen up in obese people so regular exercise can help in fighting off Psoriasis. Hygiene:- taking regular baths and moisturizing your body will keep your Psoriasis in check. Moisturizing your affected areas at night also helps in preventing dryness. Sunlight:- slight exposure to sunlight or using topical Vit D treatments also help in Psoriasis.

The marked difference between these two disease conditions is that Psoriasis has well defined dry scaly patches, but in Eczema the skin is red, cracked but not scaly in nature it can be blistered or pus-oozing.

Along with medicines Diet helps a lot in the long run. Working on your stress as stress leads to flare ups. Avoiding alcohol and smoking also helps.

No, it is not contagious at all. It is not and it was never like You touch it you get it. This is a very bad myth and affects a Psoriasis patient socially.

The cause of psoriasis is still unknown but some factors are considered as causative factors like:-

Family history :- Psoriasis is a disease which passes on. If your one parent has psoriasis you are at a risk of having it but if your both parents have psoriasis you are at a higher risk of having it.

Stress :- a strong mental or emotional pressure can cause it.

Smoking and Alcohol :- these two factors are known to cause Psoriasis and also disrupt the treatment of an existing as they make medications less effective.

Injury:- injuries are seen to trigger Psoriasis.