Asthma, Low immunity

The treatment was amazing and better than expected. It took a little time in the starting but after that it worked very nicely and now I am totally fine.
It was a great treatment. I used to get sick every now and then but the treatment from Dr. Aradhana helped me in building my immunity.
I loved it and I love the experience. I now do not get sick and is always less stressed about my eating.

Niharika Chandel

Allergic Rhinitis

I Santosh Parmar, Would like to say that the treatment we started taking from here is quite good. I have started relieving after a while.
Medicines I am taking from here are quite good and I can feel a positive change in my body. Doctor is also very good and concerned about health and takes good care of the patient, also very soft spoken.
I would like to thank her and the treatment I have started taking from Dr. Aradhana

Santosh Parmar


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