How can one control Psoriasis?

There are some steps that can be followed to keep Psoriasis in control. Some are as follow:-

Stress:- emotional stress is seen to flare up existing psoriatic conditions. To avoid it you can practice meditation, or have therapy sessions with your doctor frequently.

Diet:- an uncontrolled diet can flare up psoriasis. To prevent it one can opt for green vegetables, fruits that help in boosting the immune system.

Hydration:- keeping yourself hydrated is the key as it will prevent dryness of your skin and keep your body detoxified by flushing out toxins.

Exercise:- Psoriasis is seen to worsen up in obese people so regular exercise can help in fighting off Psoriasis.

Hygiene:- taking regular baths and moisturizing your body will keep your Psoriasis in check. Moisturizing your affected areas at night also helps in preventing dryness.

Sunlight:- slight exposure to sunlight or using topical Vit D treatments also help in Psoriasis.


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